May 1st is International Workers’ Day. On this day, we celebrate that the work we do is what’s important, and not the financial gain of bosses and shareholders. We are wageworkers and self-employed, those seeking for a job, students, and everyone who works without financial compensation. We are those who create something meaningful and valuable using our mental and physical resources, day in and day out. We celebrate this day because we want to work together towards the good life, towards warm and appropriate care for each other, towards passionate learning, and the pleasure of achieving something together. At the same time, the appreciation of our work is under constant pressure. On May 1st we celebrate our worldwide solidarity among each other and show that all of us together form the basis of welfare and well-being. On that day, we demonstrate the strength of our resistance against systematic inequality, exploitation, and alienation.

By having an anti-capitalist May 1st demonstration in Nijmegen we contribute to the tradition of this struggle. International Workers’ Day is a great chance for different groups that are politically active outside the parliamentary system to meet and establish connections. May 1st is our platform to connect the diverse social struggles. Oppression and exploitation can take many shapes, but it always affects people who do not have access to wealth, influence, or institutional power. Therefore we celebrate on May 1st that we can unite our efforts.

As last year, we will focus on a number of topics that highlight our connection: work, care, and well-being, free trade agreements like TTIP and CETA, and war and migration.

Let’s hit the street together against the crisis, war, and capitalism! Let’s fight together for our common goals! Demonstrate with us and join us for the festive activities in the Grote Broek afterwards!

  • Anti-capitalist demonstration: 2 pm @ van Schaeck Mathonsingel (opposit Nijmegen Central Station)
  • May 1st celebration: 5 pm @ de Grote Broek (van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen)